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Monday, June 20, 2011

i like the way you move

you all know how i feel about movement.

flashback to thunder road marathon in '09!

whether training for a race or just working up a healthy sweat on the yoga mat, i believe that exercise is an essential part of a balanced and happy lifestyle.

sure, movement also has long-term health benefits, but to me the most valuable part of a great workout is the way i feel for the rest of the day.

as you all know, i love planning my workouts in advance -- figuring out ahead of time how i will fit movement into my week! usually, my motivation level is pretty high because i know that i will feel better having gotten in some activity. but on days when i need an extra push, some kind of tracking routine sometimes helps to push me out the door.

usually i just stick to my planner, but when contacted about the new Degree "Get Into the Move" app on facebook, i found it to be a fun alternative to my usual check-boxes. it can be found
here, and it's a program designed to track your movement while helping to motivate you with prizes.

join the app, and motionMILES are earned quickly by logging workouts and other movement-heavy activities, inviting friends to "Get into the Move", answering daily trivia questions, and even just logging in. these motionMILES can then be redeemed for chances to win instant prizes, weekly sweepstakes, or bigger grand prizes [personally, i'm holding out for the yoga immersion in costa rica!].

i'm up to 12 points already!!

my current fitness goals are a bit tamer than those of my marathon past -- but i would still like to get in on a weekly basis:

3 runs

5-6 yoga practices

i will be tracking my movement using the app while dreaming about downward dogs in the sand :)

of note, Degree will also be sending me some of their newest Degree with motionSENSE to review. their formula incorporates motionSense Technology so that it is activated by motion first [before moisture strikes]. i haven't received mine yet, but i'm looking forward to trying it, and when i do i will be sure to let you know how it lives up to my high standards!

so: who's up for a movement challenge? i encourage each of you to check it out + join up for the motivation benefits and prize opportunities!

here to check out the app on facebook, and share your weekly workout goals on this post for automatic entry into a random drawing for a $100 visa gift card. use it for a new workout outfit, a yoga mat . . . or just a relaxing spa day to celebrate your movement victories. you deserve it, after all!

sweepstakes info:

Dates: 6/20-7/18: 5pm PST

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